Upgrade your operating system meditate daily

Upgrade your operating system meditate daily

Why do I harp on meditation and believe in it so much? Meditation cured my ulcer 30 years ago. Daily meditating gave me a sense of inner peace and contentment that has never left me since the day I started.

Meditation has been the pillar of my spiritual practices. I felt like I came home and I could actually start living life more fully and relaxed when Meditation came into my life. It revitalizes me when I’m tired. It helps me to listen and to be comfortable with stillness so that I can be present with my own pain and to sit with others in their pain. It helps me to embody compassion and empathy but not so much that I get lost in other peoples pain and suffering.

I found the universe inside myself on a 30-day silent retreat when I was 27 years old. I knew then just as I do now that nothing I could ever do or accomplish could ever fulfill more then what is already inside me. This deep embodied knowing has run my life. This is why I meditate daily. Still, after 30 years, I enjoy it fully each and every day. I value it because I know the value for me.

I understand that many people don’t value meditation because they don’t yet know what it can do for them. It’s a hard sell to tell people that you will find more happiness and health than you could ever imagine by sitting on your bum. And so I don’t sell it. I don’t try to convince people. I just stand fully transparent in who I am and share from my heart how I feel and live each day.

I feel connected to everything and everyone. My life and my choices are based on this knowingness. Namaste y’all

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